The EU 28 (soon to be 27) member-states have 28 different tax administrations operating in 24 different languages. The great economic and cultural diversity of the EU is also present in the manner of tax collecting and administrating. In some member-states the VAT is collected predominantly quarterly, in others monthly. Numerous exemptions and relents cases exist for a wide range of business forms and industries.

Depending on the jurisdiction our clients choose for migration we will recommend trusted accounting company on market competitive rates.

Brexit is likely to create its own complications when it comes to corporate taxation exemptions, cross-border workers, social security, trusted traders schemes and others. Close cooperation between the migrated business and its accountants is critical for the smooth and profitable continuation of trade.

When we offer entrepreneurs Brexit fallback plans to consider we will include the price for accounting services. That will depend on the expected turnover and complexity (number of employees, posted personnel, etc.) of the migration.

As always, we urge our customers to think ahead, as this is indeed the only proven strategy to get ahead.


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