Business Migration

Business migration is the incorporation of a new or subsidiary company in a jurisdiction with more favourable tax or regulatory conditions. With free movement of goods, services, capital and people across the EU, coupled with the right of establishment (incorporation) in any Member State, shopping for advantageous conditions for businesses is easier than ever. However, there are a number of areas where regulations differ quite widely among Member States. Brexit provides a unique challenge for a number of companies that will find it easier or cheaper to migrate part of their business to the Continent (or Ireland).

For our clients who choose this road, we will create an individual migration plan that takes into account the costs, the time requirements and the benefits of the business migration. The migration plan will take into account every detail, including logistics (for machines or personnel), financial arraignments (loans or leases), administrative provisions (licenses or mandatory registrations), cross-border social security (access to in-work benefits and public services) and growth potential (technology transfer and marketing).

Depending on the jurisdiction and the specific conditions (license or loan provision) the incorporation may take from a couple of days to several months. The more specialized and complex the area of activities (such as chemicals, medical appliances, etc.), the more time would be needed for the migration to be completed. At any point of the migration procedure our clients know the costs, the benefits and the next steps.

Following the incorporation in another jurisdiction, we always offer post-migration support. We understand full well the issues (linguistic, financial or cultural) that an entrepreneur may face in a new jurisdiction. We will stand next to our clients in the initial months of their new business to provide the local insight and support that they may need. We will offer them supporting services ranging from accounting and workforce recruitment to technological transfer.

We want to reiterate once again that migration may take some time to plan and execute. Therefore, we urge our clients to think ahead.


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